Talk Show Performances of the Past

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show

This blog will be used to share and discuss music performances mostly from late night talk shows, but could also include award shows or other televised music performances. Whether you want to re-watch a performance, need to catch up on ones you missed, or want to discuss them with other viewers, this is the place to keep up with your late night music cravings.

I think talk show performances are important because they are short, but they can easily be discussed for a long time. The musical guests always close out the show late into the night and I think waiting for them makes it a better payoff by the end of the show.

Musical guests can be important to you because they have the potential to introduce you to new music.  You can easily discover a new band or artist that you would not have normally listened to because of their performance on a television show. This short sample of their music could grab your interest.  If you already know and enjoy the artist, it can at the very least, be a nice ending to your evening.

Probably the most famous talk show musical performance was, of course, The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.  It was their first television performance in the United States and watched by 73 million people.  This isn’t something that happens anymore.  But fans still tune in to see their favorite bands perform on these shows.Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters did a special Live on Letterman show in April, 2011, in which they recreated the Beatles appearance.  They played their new album, Wasting Light, in its entirety while wearing Beatles-mimicking black suits on the very stage that they performed on

five decades prior.  The performance was even shot in black and white for the first fifty minutes until the band began playing other songs other than the new album.

I think this special recreation concert shows that cool things can still be done through musical performances on television.  There are still ways to do new things and keep viewers interested.  I think specifically with the Foo Fighters, they did a great job making a tribute to the Beatles, while still being creative and showing their own style.

When you think of musical performances on television, which ones come to your mind?  I can use any feedback you give to help adapt my blog and decide what to discuss in the future.

You can watch the full Foo Fighters concert here, and The Beatles first performance on Ed Sullivan here.   I think this type of performance is still relevant if they are still having musical guests on talk shows five decades later!  Do you think they are still important?


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