Feeling the Music

Music on Television

Music can have a profound effect on people’s emotions. It can help keep us upbeat and happy. It helps keep us going when we’re depressed.   Many people, such as myself, consider it a huge part of their lives.

I made this slideshow that demonstrates how seeing and hearing an artist perform can really get someone excited and turn their day around.  I know that when I find out about a concert, I continuously count down the days until it is here.  The performance is always an escape from everything in the real world.

You can view the slideshow here, or by clicking on the above image!

I think even a simple short television performance can bring these experiences to you.  You can experience them from the comfort of your home, and just take a few minutes from your day to watch an artist that you enjoy bring some musical relief to your hectic week.

I personally try to reward myself for accomplishments I have made in school or towards my career with music.  I will go buy a new album, or try to find a concert to attend just to reward myself for getting my work done.  I know I have a particularly hectic week coming up, and I cannot wait to buy the new Coheed and Cambria album on Tuesday!  And as always, kicking back and watching a concert DVD or a performance on TV is always relaxing and enjoyable.

How does music help you?  Do you have any specific instances when music has saved you, or drastically improved your mood?  Please share your experiences in the comments!


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