I Must See It Live!

Florence Welsh at KROQ 2010

Florence Welsh at KROQ 2010
Photo: L.A. Times

Live music performances are becoming almost as accessible as music in general. Fans and professionals alike can post videos online, and concert streams are becoming all the more common.  (Make sure you watch the 21st annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas stream tonight at 5 p.m., right here). It is great that these performances are so easily accessed and it makes it possible for fans to keep updated on artists even if they can’t always see them live. But there are certainly the times when seeing the show live is the only way to go.

I conducted a survey about live music with 25 people; mostly with college students.  They revealed that they would almost always prefer to see a concert live then on tv or online.

Live music or televised music

I agree that live is definitely better than sitting at home.  But the fact is that you can’t always make it to the shows.  They don’t always comet to your town, etc. That is when video is a plus.  I think concert DVDs are a great secondhand way to experience a show.

Concert DVDs

I asked in my survey how many concert DVDS those surveyed owned.  However, the results showed that they were not big purchasers of concert DVDs. Almost half of those surveyed only owned one.

Even though they were not huge on concert DVDs, let’s take a look at what type of shows they do enjoy.  I asked them who their favorite artist is that they’ve seen in concert. For some reason, Lil Wayne was pretty popular…

Click on the graphic below to go to the ManyEyes page for the results.

Many Eyes of Favorite Artists in Concert

Then I asked them how far they have traveled for a show in the past.  It can be assumed that most of the people surveyed lived in the Pittsburgh area. Click on the picture below to see the interactive Batchgeo map.

Furthest driven to see a concertThe results of this survey are kind of encouraging to me. It shows that people aren’t always being lazy and taking the lazy route.  Instead of only consuming videos, they are making the effort to go out and see shows.  It proves that concerts are still a very important part of the music industry. One person in the survey drove all the way to Norfolk, VA. From Pittsburgh, that is a seven hour trip. Which is very encouraging that live music is still important even if other mediums and methods are falling behind.


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